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Hy-Pro Builds Custom Valve for Maximus Screening

Produced by our client, Maximus Screening, the TFC-80 is the largest radial conveyor on the market and can work at any angle from 0-360 degrees. It is easy and efficient to use as it enables the end user to adjust the positioning and alignment of the machine without interrupting production, as well as creating stockpiles of almost any shape.

The TFC-80 has found use for mining, recycling and aggregate industry. It can also be used to load barges, and has even made an appearance in Discovery’s “Gold Rush”. It comes with a simple to configure automatic slewing mode that makes the job of the machine’s operator that much easier, demonstrating how versatile the TFC-80 is. With an 80ft. stockpile conveyor and a 9.2 m3 feeder, the TFC-80 is the number one choice for the serious aggregate producer.

As with any product, the team at Maximus strives to improve their machines by adding new features, reducing costs and labour and improving serviceability. They found the perfect solution with Hy-Pro’s range of products. By using our custom built 15 section control valve they were able to meet every goal. The Hy-Pro valve allows them to independently control 5 sets of hydraulic cylinders, control the speed of the feeder conveyor, and drive the slewing circuit.

custom valve

They saved money by replacing 12 competitor monoblock valves with one Hy-Pro self-contained unit, while at the same time driving the costs even further down by rendering almost two dozen hydraulic hoses obsolete. This also created more room in the power unit, while improving accessibility to critical machine components, making the machine quicker to build and easier to service.

As the cherry on top of the cake, by using combined manual and solenoid valve sections Maximus has added the feature of complete remote control to the TFC-80, which now means the machine can be controlled entirely remotely by a single operator from the comfort of his loader cab making the TFC-80 the only product on the market capable of such feat. This allows them to stay on top of their competition, and stay relevant in this rapidly evolving market.

Oskaras Spalvys, Design Engineer at Maximus Screening:

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with Hy-Pro in years to come, and hopefully to combine our expertise to improve the entire range of our machines and make Maximus the leader in our industry.”

More information about the TFC-80 can be found on the Maximus Screening website.

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