Tracked Carrier Drives to the Top

Squeezing a multi-axis hydraulic system onto a super compact tracked barrow was a daunting design challenge, but one that paid off for Taylor Construction Plant (TCP) of Maldon, because the result has been a steadily growing band of loyal users.

Able to carry 500kg of rubble, soil, waste or other material, yet fit through a 2ft 6in door way, the Hi-T500 can lift its load from waist height to dump it into a standard skip or can tip onto the floor. In addition to two unloading functions, it has two forward speeds, 2mph and 4mph, built into its hydraulic track drive.

All of this is achieved with a single tandem hydraulic pump operating through a bespoke spool valve designed and built by Hydraulic Projects Hy-Pro of Dawlish in Devon.

“The design is based on their standard V1-40 G3/8 sectional spool valve, but includes a unique second inlet provided for the second, higher speed of forward travel,” explains Andrew Barker of TCP.

The V1-40 was designed by Hy-Pro for mobile applications, and specifically for mobile applications where space is at a premium. Its low profile section is combined with the exceptional metering characteristics and load holding capabilities that ensures unloading of the Hi-T500 goes smoothly, even on uneven ground or arduous conditions. Internal check valves and a direct acting main relief valve ensure safety. An extensive range of ancillaries means that demanding circuit designs such as TCP required can be accommodated easily.

“We worked in close conjunction with Hy-Pro’s design team to develop the valve, as we do with all of our key technology suppliers,” says Barker.

“Long term reliability with the hydraulics is vital because the Hi-T500 has a 10 year life expectancy, and the average builder, landscaper or rental company is not renowned for the tender loving care heaped upon his plant and equipment. We partner very closely with suppliers looking to establish long term strategic partnerships based on consistent and value for money supply.”