Meet Hy-Pro’s New Applications Engineer

We’re pleased to introduce the newest member to the Hy-Pro team.

We are pleased to announce that Samuel Antwi Adjei has joined us as our new Applications Engineer.   With a wealth of experience in the design, application and sales of hydraulic components (in particular hydraulic control valves), Sam has already been meeting some of our major customers.

Born in Ghana in the West Africa, Samuel was raised and educated in Italy. In 2002 he attained a Diploma in Industrial Engineering and went on to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer in 2007 at the University of Parma in Italy.

Working for Walvoil between 2003 and 20011 in the Research and Development Department and technical Customer Assistance. Sam worked closely with Caterpillar, Manitou, John Deere and Case.

Sam then went on to work as a Product Specialist for Kramp until 2014 when he joined Pirtek UK to look after 27 franchising centres.  Latterly, Sam was Sales Manager for Welte-Gmbh for the UK, North America, Australia and Africa.

As well as English, Sam speaks Italian, Spanish, German and Swahili.  In his spare time, Sam is very keen on Italian cookery.

If you would like to discuss your own hydraulic application and how we might assist you, please give Sam a call on 01626 863634.  Please also see our website.

GDPR – What It Is & How We Use Your Data

Many of our customers are companies, and if you are one of these you are probably aware of the approaching deadline for GDPR. There is a lot of confusion surrounding GDPR, so we’ve highlighted the basics in this blog and briefly explained how it affects us as a company and might affect yours too. If you’re an individual who is an ‘end user’ customer of ours, this blog also explains how we treat your personal data, and how this complies with the new GDPR regulations.

What is it?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulations, this is a piece of EU legislation that will be coming into practice very soon. This piece of legislative text will be replacing the UK’s Data Protection act 1998, this new regulation will be aimed at businesses in regards to their use of the personal data of individuals.

Companies who are not compliant with these new terms of GDPR will be subject to penalties given out by the ICO.

The deadline to be compliant with these new regulations is 25th May 2018, this is when the regulations will start to be enforced, and penalties will begin to be handed out to non-compliant companies.

Why is it happening?

The regulation looks at modernising our existing data protection laws – the way that businesses use and handle data has changed a lot over the years, so therefore the legislation needs to reflect these changes.

One of the main aims of GDPR is to rectify the numerous methods companies have created to use, and sometimes abuse an individual’s personal data.

What is involved in becoming GDPR compliant?

The GDPR regulations are quite complex so it may be worth talking to a professional in this industry. However, some of the main actions you need to take in order to be compliant are:

  • Produce a data map of where your data is collected, stored and used.
  • Make sure all personal data you hold is as secure as possible.
  • Ensure you have adequate consent for the use of an individual’s data.

How does Hy-Pro use ‘personal data’ of customers who are individuals?

Here at Hy-Pro, we send order confirmations, statements and enquiry replies via email to our customers.  We also use this data to keep you informed using newsletters.  If you are currently on our news mailing list, you are able to unsubscribe at any time to stop us using your data to send you newsletters .  Our news mailing list is stored by and processed by MailChimp and we store your information in our accounts system on an internal server protected by the latest technology.  We don’t share your data with third parties or use it for anything else.

For Inland Revenue purposes, all of our customer data has to be stored for 7 years from your last transaction in our accounts system.   After this period, we intend to render personal data “beyond use” – ie remove email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses.

The data we hold is limited to names, contact details and accounting records for the legitimate purposes of conducting our business and complying with the law.

If you have any questions or concerns over how we treat your data, you’re welcome to get in touch with us.

Applications Engineer James Retires After 46 Years with Hy-Pro & We Welcome Peter to the Role

We are very pleased to welcome Peter to our team but this comes with a sad goodbye to our long-standing employee James – Peter is taking on his role as Applications Engineer.

James was originally steered towards this industry back at school: “As a small child with a passion for all things mechanical (preferably with wheels) some crusty teacher looked at my 11 – Plus exam paper and declared “You shall be an Engineer boy!”. And off to Homelands Technical High School For Boys Torquay I went for 6 years…which suited me just fine. Machines, metal work, technical drawing, maths, sports (including swimming and diving). Brilliant! …we even had a car to take to bits and reassemble! So ending up working for a company that design, develop and manufacture products that go into all kinds of machinery and boats all over the world has been just great.”

James started working for Hy-Pro in 1972 in the Machine Shop and Assembly areas and after a brief break away from Hy-Pro to pursue a role elsewhere in direct field sales in advertising, he came back to us in the role of Technical and Quality Manager. In 2014 James took up the position of Technical Sales Manager which has involved supporting our OEM customers, appointing and training our distributors, finding and growing the relationship with new clients.

James recalls “The real fun and privilege has been planning and showing off the Company and its products at various trade exhibitions including the METS Marine Trade Show in Amsterdam, the Fluid Power and Systems Show at the NEC and other events.”

When asked if he learnt anything in his time at Hy-Pro, James answered “Look for ways to commend people and help them grow. Listen and believe in them. When we are confronted by a seemingly unsurmountable problem, remember there is a solution, we just don’t know what it is yet.” For us and the custom solutions our team can build to suit many different applications, this is very apt advice.

Peter is now taking over James’ role and he too has experience in the Fluid Power industry as for just over 15 years he was dealing primarily with mobile applications, starting as a self-employed Agricultural service/repair engineer working on bespoke harvesting machinery and involved in the design of simple hydraulic systems.

Peter has previously collaborated with Hy-Pro when working with another company and when we asked why he wanted to work with us he commented: “HyPro have a remarkable reputation for their technical expertise and customer support which will be great to be a part of. Working with customers on their machinery, new and old.  It gives you great sense of achievement seeing it all come to life for the first time.”

Peter and James have been working closely to get up to date with everything Peter needs to know about Hy-Pro and the needs of the role, however, James did have a few things to say on the matter: “I never thought the day would come when I pass my role over to a left handed lager drinking vegetarian with slightly ginger hair and a French surname. (who incidentally got a bigger computer screen on day 2 than I’ve EVER had) Sacré bleu!”

Peter knows he has some big boots to fill, and we’re really going to miss James, but we know that with his experience he’s going to do a great job for us and our customers. Our Managing Director, Elaine, has added: “I’ll miss James’ wicked sense of humour, which has  kept me going for the last 30 plus years!”

It has been a phenomenal few years with James but it is now time for him to sail and travel his way through retirement. We really hope it treats him well! So we will leave you with one final message from James…

“Thank you for giving me meaningful, enjoyable, creative employment for all these years and I hope in return you have received the quality and quantity deserved. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you all for your understanding and support in the difficult times. To faintly echo the words of Dick Hammond, Hy-Pro’s founder ‘I hope I’ve made a difference’.”



For those of you unfamiliar with the term BSI it is the “the business standards company that helps organisations make excellence a habit”, established to develop “a new generation of standards” by helping manufacturing organisations to “improve their performance, reduce their risk and help them be more sustainable.”  To this day there are 1200 BSI committees operating to achieve just that. At Hypro, our very own Quality Manager Rob Daniels has joined BSI Committee QS/001/02 Quality Management System Standards.

The scope of QS/001/02 Quality Management System Standards is as follows:

“Under the direction of QS/1, is responsible for the UK input into the revision and development of quality management standards and guidelines, including drafting, comment resolution and nominating delegates to international meetings.” This process ensures that proposed new standards or updated standards are discussed and reviewed in detail to ensure the standards are as concise, clear and easy to follow as possible in which an international delegation make final amendments.  Continue reading BSI – HYPRO QUALITY MANAGER ROB DANIELS JOINS BSI COMMITTEE

Vacancies At Hy-Pro

Looking for a new career? We have some engineering vacancies at Hy-Pro.

Join the team which have been designing and manufacturing world-class products in the UK for over 50 years.  We are a  forward thinking company with modern equipment and ideas, based on the beautiful south Devon coast .

**This vacancy is now filled**
We are currently looking for a Hydraulic Applications Engineer to join our sales team and a skilled CNC machine setter/programmer/operator for our state of the art machine shop.
**This vacancy is now filled**


See for information about the company

World Record Holder Jeanne Socrates Is About To Begin Her Solo Trip Around The World Using Hypro Hydraulics

Hypro goes global

jeanne* Since the publication of this article it has been brought to our attention that Jeanne has sadly had to postpone her voyage due to a serious injury, she is now recovering in hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she will be able to continue her mission at some point in the near future.*

World record holder Jeanne Socrates is busy preparing for what she hopes to be her second sail nonstop and unassisted around the world in her boat Nereida. Jeanne became the oldest woman to successfully sail around the world nonstop on Monday 8th July 2013 and has since attempted to become the oldest person. After coming across various problems with her boat in 2016 when she gave two solo attempts, Jeanne has spent the last few months fixing problems with the boat and getting new parts fitted and created to ensure that 2017 is her year. Now aged 75 Jeanne is ready for the challenge and is looking forward to becoming the oldest person to sail nonstop unassisted (what an achievement)!

Hypro are delighted to announce that we have been helping Jeanne in her preparations for what is expected to be a 7-8month long journey! Continue reading World Record Holder Jeanne Socrates Is About To Begin Her Solo Trip Around The World Using Hypro Hydraulics

Citizen ‘Sliding Head’ Lathes and The New Star Lathe

At Hy-Pro we use lathes extensively in production, particularly for producing spools of various sizes which are used in our hydraulic control valves. There are multitudes of other parts which we also make on our lathes, from simple washers to complex gears.

The lathes we use can machine intricate shapes to minute tolerances, and we can control the process to within a couple of microns. This is vital to hydraulic engineering which relies on very precise fits between components. Previously, gears would have to have been produced by grinding which is a highly skilled and expensive process. Using this new generation of sophisticated lathes we can produce perfect results with low costs; something we could not have imagined ten years ago. Continue reading Citizen ‘Sliding Head’ Lathes and The New Star Lathe

Hy-Pro Installs New Ultrasonic Wash Machine

Earlier this year we installed a new MAFAC Java ultrasonic wash machine into the Hy-Pro factory. It replaced our old Mecwash system which has given us over 10 years of good service but was starting have a few reliability issues.

The MAFAC Java was supplied to us by UK distributor, Turbex, and provides us with ultrasonic cleaning, flood and spray washing, and vacuum drying. We have found so many benefits of using this model as it is so versatile and effective which is ideal for when we create bespoke designs.

Why the MAFAC Java?

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of our valve and pump ranges, there is now a requirement for ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum drying to ensure the internal cavities of our castings are properly cleaned and dried prior to assembly. The vacuum drying also allows us to ensure that our existing parts are dried fully, and that valves that are washed prior to paint are clean and dry also.

We decided on the MAFAC Java after some very promising trials with Turbex. The reduced energy consumption in comparison to other machines with the same capabilities was also a strong influencing factor in our choice.

Initial Problems & Solutions

Initially, we had a couple of issues: the machine was quite noisy and was distracting for our assembly team in the factory, and the detergent we were using was particularly foamy. We have since sound insulated the machine, and we are working with Turbex to find the most effective detergent for use at low temperatures so we can remain energy efficient.

Results & Next Steps

Since using our new machine, we have noticed an improvement in the general cleanliness of our components. This comes as a result of the unique MAFAC rotating spray arm that allows for an effective 360-degree cleanse.

To improve the cleanliness further, we are looking to refine the wash programmes to concentrate on features that have proven hard to clean in the past. The great flexibility of the machine means that we are seeing these continued improvements quickly.

As we have such a wide range of products of all shapes and sizes that require cleaning, we need to explore all our tray and basket options for use with the machine. This will allow us to improve the efficiency of the new model as we will be able to wash more products in each cycle.

Safety Lever Lock For Hy-Pro Control Valves

As always, our designers are putting safety first and we are happy to announce our new safety lever lock for Hy-Pro control valves.

The new V5145 safety interlock solution is a locking device which requires the operator to release the lever from its captive neutral position in order to select a service.

Hydraulic power is inherently dangerous and in a confined space or a busy area the inadvertent movement of a lever could cause serious damage or injury.  The new safety lever lock is designed to prevent such an occurrence.

The mechanism is manufactured in stainless steel with zinc-plated components for maximum durability.  Currently the device is available for horizontal levers but please ask if you need a vertical solution.  Please request the safety lever lock as an option when ordering your valve and choose from a selection of coloured knobs.

If this has caused you concern about your current installations, worry no further, the device can easily be retro-fitted to existing Hy-Pro control valves.

See our range of hydraulic control valves on our website or download our valve catalogue.

New Compact Linear Actuator From Hy-ProDrive

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the Hy-ProDrive marine steering range – the new compact linear actuator!

This new compact unit is designed for smaller or lighter yachts with space restrictions and the lower thrust requirements.  Our new actuator at full extension, is only 890 mm.  That’s half a metre shorter than its bigger brother.  Giving 5000 N of thrust with its 1.5 litre pump and 50w motor, the new mini actuator is still powerful for its size but typically only draws 14 amps.  This is good news for the all-important batteries and brings down the cost of a course computer for the average yachtsman.  Depending on vessel weight, sail plan and rudder forces the new actuator is suitable for sailing yachts of up to 45 feet (15 m).

The mini actuator comes with all the advantages of its larger sibling.  All the elements (pump, cylinder and reservoir) of a hydraulic circuit come together in one compact unit.  Supplied with a quick release mounting and tiller bolt and integral relief valves, the unit is also rated to IP67, EMC to BS EN 60945 and Ignition protection to BS EN 28846.  This makes the new 200 mm stroke linear actuator a perfect and safe choice for autopilot steering in recreational craft.

For full details email or telephone +44 (0) 1626 863634 and select option 1 for sales.

For higher maximum operating thrust requirements (up to 6900N).  Please see our larger linear actuators which are available in 12v and 24v options with 1 or 2 litre pumps.