Our Brushless Constant Running Pump

Hy-Pro has recently developed a ‘brushless constant running pump’ that is compatible with large yachts and other commercial craft.

The specialist pump offers a more reliable alternative, requiring less maintenance and offering increased performance. Read on to find out more information about why this pump could be much more beneficial compared to some of the other models out there.

What is a Brushless Constant Running Pump?

The brushless DC motor was designed by Hy-Pro specifically for marine autopilot applications, particularly in the large commercial boat market.

It is used for marine applications such as Trawlers and other commercial craft as well as some larger yachts, and is used to power the hydraulic steering system when the autopilot is in use.

A brushless motor means there is very little ongoing maintenance needed, as the pump is brushless the motor is controlled electronically. This gives us new options for performance moving forward.

The heavy vessels within ordinary hydraulic pumps require a lot of power to steer the vehicles. However, the new and innovative design of the Brushless Constant Running Pump goes against this rule. Instead of using a large DC motor, this pump runs continuously in one direction whilst a solenoid switches the hydraulic flow port and starboard – this saves the crew members having to manually steer the vessel.

For example, fishing boats can be at sea for many hours and the autopilot can be set to run a course or a pattern, this will allow the full crew to be on deck and working on other tasks.

How Does the Pump Work?

The hard-over time is set via the speed control and the steering action is achieved by switching a damped heavy duty double-acting solenoid valve.

The motor and precision gear pump is protected by a pre-set relief valve and check valves with toughened components, these positively lock the steering on course.

The pump has been developed for compatibility with both single and twin ram systems within the boat’s hydraulic steering. The specialist design is also suitable for unbalanced rams.

A ram, sometimes known as a steering cylinder is a critical part within the hydraulic steering system. Choosing the right ram is important to ensure the boat’s steering operates correctly and efficiently.

The brushless pump has also been designed to work alongside pressurised reservoir systems. This component holds the hydraulic fluid in a convenient part of the system and sustains any excess fluid needed.

What is the Pump Made?

Our pump has been integrated with flow output options and a compact construction. This aids in the pump’s durability and longer life span for functioning the steering of marine applications.

Our product has been made from aluminium and a large amount of copper, giving it good bearing properties and also a protective coating for harsh marine environments.

What are the Benefits?

The design consists of built-in overload protection and requires zero maintenance from the user.

In comparison to other models, the brushless motor has a much lower power consumption making it highly efficient. With 12V and 14V options available, this motor is an extremely heavy-duty alternative to others on the market.

This design could potentially replace the PC30 and PC45 in the future due to its convenience working alongside many other components and its futuristic design.

The integral speed control and relief valve also benefits its performance and contributes to a quieter operation.

This pump could be available as early as next year, so make sure you stay tuned for more updates on this pump.

If you’d like to find out more information about our brushless pump you can get in touch with us at Hy-Pro and we’d be happy to help!




A Beginners Guide to EMC Compliancy

What is EMC compliancy?

EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) testing is the process in which electrical devices are tested to ensure they do not emit a large amount of electromagnetic interference. These interferences are known as radiated and conducted emissions, and there are tests to prove the quality of both.

This is to establish that any device used or manufactured by us functions as expected around other electromagnetic phenomena, and vice versa.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2006 set out the regulations and standards to which electromagnetic equipment must be held.

This is to be certain electromagnetic disturbance does not reach levels that would prevent telecommunications, radio and other equipment from working properly, and to cement the equipment’s immunity from these effects also.

Why is EMC Testing Important?

Untested electromagnetic equipment can interfere with navigational equipment.

This could have dangerous implications to your craft whilst at sea, on a small-scale interfering with the ultrasound frequencies of fish finders, and on a larger scale affecting the radar, compass and transmissions on military sea craft.

Similarly, untested equipment can itself be affected by other equipment.

All the Hy-ProDrive marine pumps we manufacture are tested to the EMC Navigational standard  BS EN 60945:2002 (DC) for radiated and conducted emissions.

Radiated Emissions Testing

Radiated emissions testing measures the electromagnetic field strength of any unintentionally generated emissions. The overall purpose of radiated emissions testing is to measure the susceptibility of your device to surrounding electromagnetic interference.

So how to EMC labs test this? The device will be placed in a ‘semi-anechoic chamber’, or a shielded metal room, with an antenna directed at it.

This reduces the force of background radio signals, making it easier for the antenna to pick up the signals coming from your product in comparison to background emissions which are kept at a minimum.

This increases the chances of the final readings being considered quantifiable and accurate data.

Conducted Emissions Testing

Conducted emissions testing measures not the emissions the device itself creates, but rather the electromagnetic energy conducted out of the device, such as along any connecting cables like power, signal or data cables.

To reduce the amount of interference a device can have on a power supply, the emission levels are measured to ensure they comply with the limits specified by regulatory bodies.

The interference range tested is typically anywhere between 9kHz to 1GHz.

A LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network) will be placed between the equipment under test and a power source to isolate the radio frequency signals from the power source. It will also measure the radio frequency from the device.

Hy-ProDrive Pumps For Marine Autopilots

Hy-ProDrive Pumps (reversing and constant running) and combined actuator units will not affect electronic navigational equipment and will not be affected by other electrical devices.

Our products have undergone rigorous testing to EN 60945:2002 by an approved test house to verify their safety and compliance with UK and EU laws. Why not browse our selection?

How to Select a Pump for Use with an Autopilot

Many people choose to use an autopilot on their boat to relieve them from having to constantly man the wheel on long journeys and to reduce the cost of fuel as autopilots can maintain a very straight and direct route. When trying to captain your craft, an autopilot could make your life much more simple.

For an autopilot to navigate your boat effectively, it needs to be able to work seamlessly with your steering system. Autopilots have three main parts: the heading sensor (for navigation), the course computer and the drive unit which is the part that applies force to the rudder.

When looking to fit an autopilot to your boat, you have a few options depending on your existing hand steering which is usually by cable or hydraulics. In the case of cables, a steering cylinder and pump are ‘piggy-backed’ over the existing steering.

steering cylinder and pump for autopilot

For hydraulics, the pump is ‘teed’ into the existing circuit.

hydraulic pump for autopilot

In both cases, the course computer drives the pump to achieve steering.

How to choose a pump for your autopilot:

When choosing the correct pump for your craft, you need to know the volume of the steering cylinder fitted to the boat. This is determined by the type of boat, its dimensions and displacement.

The size of the pump directly influences the ability to steer the craft. If the pump is too small, it will struggle to maintain a course. Too large, it can cause the boat to over steer and use excessive power.

The manufacturers recommendations are the first place to start when selecting your pump. Then, by referring to the guide, we can select the most suitable pump to provide the necessary hard-over-time based on the cylinder volume and type of boat.

Our range of pumps have flow outputs that have been designed to match the volumes of most known manufacturers steering cylinders. We also keep lists of these so can easily select the correct pump if the customer knows the cylinder.

To see more information about autopilot drive selection, click here to read our guide .


New Compact Linear Actuator From Hy-ProDrive

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the Hy-ProDrive marine steering range – the new compact linear actuator!

This new compact unit is designed for smaller or lighter yachts with space restrictions and the lower thrust requirements.  Our new actuator at full extension, is only 890 mm.  That’s half a metre shorter than its bigger brother.  Giving 5000 N of thrust with its 1.5 litre pump and 50w motor, the new mini actuator is still powerful for its size but typically only draws 14 amps.  This is good news for the all-important batteries and brings down the cost of a course computer for the average yachtsman.  Depending on vessel weight, sail plan and rudder forces the new actuator is suitable for sailing yachts of up to 45 feet (15 m).

The mini actuator comes with all the advantages of its larger sibling.  All the elements (pump, cylinder and reservoir) of a hydraulic circuit come together in one compact unit.  Supplied with a quick release mounting and tiller bolt and integral relief valves, the unit is also rated to IP67, EMC to BS EN 60945 and Ignition protection to BS EN 28846.  This makes the new 200 mm stroke linear actuator a perfect and safe choice for autopilot steering in recreational craft.

For full details email sales@hypro.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 1626 863634 and select option 1 for sales.

For higher maximum operating thrust requirements (up to 6900N).  Please see our larger linear actuators which are available in 12v and 24v options with 1 or 2 litre pumps.


New Integrated Pump & Reservoir

We are now proud to launch our new Hy-ProDrive integrated pump and reservoir.  This combined unit has been designed for autopilot steering in the marine market, where hydraulic systems need to continue to function in rough conditions.  Complete ‘Knock Downs’ (where a boat can finish up on its side and even under water) are particularly common in sailing yachts and the new sealed reservoir allows any attitude of mounting and movement with zero spillage.

The new combined pump and reservoir, ‘PR+RU’, can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders and does away with the need for extra hoses to reservoirs and ancillary unloading valves. Incorporating the same integral reservoir and unloader valve already proven in the ML+40 range of integrated actuators, the result is a cost-effective compact solution, particularly for hydraulic secondary steering systems.

The unloader valve is only energized when steering in autopilot mode. When steering manually it allows the steering fluid to flow freely around the hydraulic circuit with the minimum of back drive on the helm. The two service ports are mounted on the front of the pump and there is a further optional reservoir port on the top face accessed via a removable plug. This port also facilitates the simple filling and bleeding operation.

This permanent magnet DC motor driven precision gear pump is available as 12v or  24v in a range of flows from 600 cc to 2500 cc. Each pump is fitted with zero-leakage pilot check valves for positive locking of attached cylinders. The motors are maintenance-free, IP67 and have internal brushes giving typically 4000+ hours life. The front and rear bearings are sealed ball races for smooth and quiet operation. The pumps are sealed on the driven gear journal allowing the motors to be removed and replaced without air entering or oil loss from the hydraulic circuit.

For further information, please give our Sales team a call on +44 (0) 1626 863634.

Our complete Hy-ProDrive range can be seen on our website www.hypro.co.uk


British Hydraulic Valves And Autopilot Pumps In Demand!

Here at Hy-pro, we were concerned when the British nation voted to leave Europe.  We worried about years of instability, uncertainty and the imposition of tariffs.  Whilst these fears are not unwarranted, there is a silver lining in the shape of exchange rates for British manufacturers.

We design, manufacture, assemble and stock all our products here in South Devon, England.  This means that our products are now up to 10% cheaper than equivalent goods manufactured in the rest of the world.  Our presence in the UK has always been a benefit to our UK customers because we are close at hand to help technically.  The added price advantages are now the icing on the cake.

We are currently seeing increases in sales directly related to exchange rates both here and overseas.  Our UK OEM customers are likewise seeing the benefits of a low pound on their own order books.  Meanwhile, overseas OEMs can also take advantage of cost reductions in their supply chain by buying British.

The sensible exchange rate which now prevails will hopefully stimulate the emergence of more UK manufacturers in other sectors, creating British jobs and ensuring our independence in the World.

Please see our website for our hydraulic control valve and marine steering ranges.

New G3/4 Pilot Operated Relief Valve

Having listened to our customers, our new G3/4 Pilot Operated Relief Valve has been re-designed to incorporate a safer, leak free, easily adjustable mechanism.  An all new external adjuster and lock nut gives zero-leakage and prevents loss of components whilst adjusting.

The new RV has an adjustment range of 25 to 250 bar and there is
also an optional tamper evident cover.  The cartridge will be standard in our V3-100 spool valve range from late July 2016 and will also be incorporated into our range of G3/4 line mounted manifolds.  On a technical note, please be assured this cartridge is fully interchangeable with our previous relief valve cartridge.

It is available as a cartridge to fit a standard Hy-Pro cavity or in a range of single and twin cartridge manifolds. The twin cartridge, 4 ported manifold is commonly used to prevent shock loads in hydraulic motors and equal ended cylinders.

Visit our website for further information

Hy-ProDrive Distributors

We are now working hard to establish a chain of Hy-ProDrive distributors around the globe for our range of hydraulic drives for marine autopilots.  Our belief is that wherever in the world you are, skilled Hy-ProDrive distributors should never be very far away.  We have been dealing with businesses from South Africa to New Zealand over the years, establishing working relationships for the benefit of yachtsmen the world over.

Alongside this, we have been developing our website and creating a distributors’ page, complete with maps showing their locations.  We have been gradually adding new companies to the list.  This week we are proud to announce the addition of Vélasalan ehf in Reykjavik, Iceland and Amaltheia Marine in Athens.  Links from our website will lead to the appropriate pages on their sites where you can get local help in the local language. Telephone and email numbers will also be shown.

Vélasalan supply everything from boats and engines to life belts for both the commercial and leisure markets.  Amaltheia Marine also serves both of these markets, providing for all the  needs of vessels between 6 and 200 meters long.

Hy-ProDrive pumps, steering systems and actuators are the hydraulic pump of choice for autopilot manufacturers.  Our unique IP67 super quiet, low power reversing gear pumps are ideal for both leisure and commercial craft.  We manufacture these units here in the UK to the highest quality standards.

For a closer look, please visit our Marine Products Page and our Distributors’ Page

Autopilot Pump UK Online Distributor

Regular visitors to our website will have noticed that we are now pointing end user customers to our new online autopilot pump distributor.  The Service Centre shop on Ebay now features our Hy-ProDrive gear pumps, actuators, hydraulic steering systems and spares for all of them.

As a manufacturer, we have decided to concentrate on our production processes, quality and supporting our OEM customers and distributors.  As our list of distributors grows, we feel a better service can be offered to end users through experienced local outlets who stock and understand our products.  A full list of our distributors can be found on our Website for both marine steering products and hydraulic control valves.  We also feature full technical manuals for all of our products and other useful tools such as the pump selection guide.  This guide allows customers to choose the right pump based on cylinder size and ‘hard over’ time.


The Fluid Power Show at the NEC was celebrated in style by our Hy-Pro team this April.  The last day at the show was also our 50th Birthday and Hy-Pro shareholders, directors and staff drank champagne to mark the occasion.  The toast to our next 50 years was also joined by Andrew Jell, one of the show organisers.  We would like to thank Andrew, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine, Provision Photography and Witherspoons (who lent us champagne glasses) for helping to make the day special.

Once again, the Fluid Power Show was a great success for us and enabled us to showcase our latest products.  Our new radio remote system was an important feature of the display and, paired with our V5-60 sectional solenoid valve, it proved to be a popular diversion for visitors.  Also displayed were our new range of relief valves and our brand new pump with integral oil reservoir.  Our growing list of UK distributors was a key point of interest on the stand.

The Hy-Pro sales contingent (Alan, James and Richard) was boosted on our Birthday by our Quality and Design Departments (headed by Rob and Magnus) and a great day was had by all.  We plan to treat all our staff and their guests to an evening out at the Newton Abbot Races in May for our ‘Official Birthday Party’.

See the new Hy-Pro radio remote and relief valves