Proportional Flow Divider – Information & Advantages

Flow dividers – are devices which split the flow from a pump into two streams for independently operating two branch circuits. Advantages of flow divider operation are: 

  1. Only one pump is required. This is a particular advantage in the saving of space, and reducing cost. 
  1. Each branch circuit is isolated from the other: changing loads on one branch will not affect the pressure or flow in the other branch. Flow dividers are only for hydraulic systems; they are not applicable to most industrial air systems. 

Spool-type dividers can be built to deliver proportional flows from two outlets, or to deliver a priority flow from one outlet with excess flow coming out the other outlet. Only the spool-type is manufactured by Hydraulic Projects. 

When Are They Used?

Two general methods are used for dividing a flow of oil. One method uses a sliding spool; the other method uses rotary construction, and operates similarly to two gear-type pumps with shafts coupled together. The two gear sections meter proportional amounts of oil to each outlet. 

They are used on agricultural and industrial machinery to control the speed of the bed chains or drums, and also in tracked vehicles to control the speed and direction of travel. 

How Are They Made?

The body is aluminium, and the rest of the components are either hardened or nitro-carburised steel. 

The action of spool-type and rotary-type dividers is quite different, and each requires a degree of technical knowledge to apply them properly and on suitable applications. 


The product is manufactured in the UK, for excellent service and support. When combined with our solenoid controlled directional valves, they provide an economical alternative to full proportional control. 

Are you looking for more information on how our proportional flow divider could benefit your machinery? Contact our team of experts, here at Hy-Pro on 01626 863634. 


Hy-Pro to Replace Imported Monoblock with British Slice Valve

If you have read our previous blogs, you will know that increasingly manufacturing is returning to the UK. This is great for the UK industry as well as the consumers of the high-quality goods.

We are pleased to announce that Hy-Pro will be replacing the previously imported monoblock range with our very own British designed and manufactured slice valves.

This will offer quality improvements, technical advantages and most importantly reliable deliveries. We are always striving to offer our customers the best products and service in this market, and we hope that this will only improve our business.

Over the past 6 months, we have been experiencing problems with the regular supply of imported monoblock valves that we need.  This is believed to have been a problem for many other companies as there appears to be a world shortage.

There are still a limited number of monoblock valves available for delivery, but we will not be replenishing this stock due to the upcoming replacement.

If you are interested in the new valve we will be stocking, please call for a quotation. This will be an equivalent British sectional valve from our V4-40 (40 l) and our V5-60 (60 l) ranges.

These valves are designed and manufactured by Hy-Pro, here in the UK. Currently, there is a 4 week lead time on this product.

Our valves are made with match honed spools and include built-in load check valves. They also come with a huge range of ancillary options and include manual, electrical, cable and pneumatic control.

See our website for details on our new product, or for more information or a quote about this new UK valve, get in touch!

Hy-Pro’s Valves Specifically Designed for Pumps, Winches and Hose Reels

Here at Hy-Pro we design and manufacture valves specifically for Pumps, Winches and Hose Reels. The valves provide the products with the same basic element of a control system, for the on/off, in/out, and/or float functions together with a speed control.

We use these valves in a multitude of our products, including: The HRV, V4-40, V5-60 and V3-100 sectional control valves. The HRV was actually designed to meet one customers needs, but turned out to be a universal product for all our customers. Similarly, many of our Hose Reel products have specifications to meet an individual customer’s needs, but the majority of the product stays the same for all customers. A specialist feature for example would be a special metering needle which prevents the pump from being run too fast.

Hy-Pro has provided valves to between 800 and 1000 Hose Reels and Winches over the past year, supplying our products to a dozen of the largest OEM and many other smaller companies.

Many customers benefit from our HRV because it has the smallest and most used valve, which means the product is very compact. Also, Hy-Pro have the ability to “marinise” our valves for the harsh environments they are exposed in the marine and the road transportation industry.

Designing valves such as the ones for these products is one of our specialities here at Hy-Pro, customising a basic valve to meet a customer’s requirement is ultimately what we’re good at. However, one thing we had never had to do before was fitting one of these valves into an extremely tight space, it’s lucky that we are always excited by a challenge. We designed a special combined inlet cover with the speed control built in to make the assembly even more compact. This solved this dilemma and the customer was very happy with this result.

Ultimately this new and more compact valve has proven very popular, and is now manufactured for use by Hy-Pro customers all over the world.

Safety Lever Lock For Hy-Pro Control Valves

As always, our designers are putting safety first and we are happy to announce our new safety lever lock for Hy-Pro control valves.

The new V5145 safety interlock solution is a locking device which requires the operator to release the lever from its captive neutral position in order to select a service.

Hydraulic power is inherently dangerous and in a confined space or a busy area the inadvertent movement of a lever could cause serious damage or injury.  The new safety lever lock is designed to prevent such an occurrence.

The mechanism is manufactured in stainless steel with zinc-plated components for maximum durability.  Currently the device is available for horizontal levers but please ask if you need a vertical solution.  Please request the safety lever lock as an option when ordering your valve and choose from a selection of coloured knobs.

If this has caused you concern about your current installations, worry no further, the device can easily be retro-fitted to existing Hy-Pro control valves.

See our range of hydraulic control valves on our website or download our valve catalogue.

New Compact Linear Actuator From Hy-ProDrive

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the Hy-ProDrive marine steering range – the new compact linear actuator!

This new compact unit is designed for smaller or lighter yachts with space restrictions and the lower thrust requirements.  Our new actuator at full extension, is only 890 mm.  That’s half a metre shorter than its bigger brother.  Giving 5000 N of thrust with its 1.5 litre pump and 50w motor, the new mini actuator is still powerful for its size but typically only draws 14 amps.  This is good news for the all-important batteries and brings down the cost of a course computer for the average yachtsman.  Depending on vessel weight, sail plan and rudder forces the new actuator is suitable for sailing yachts of up to 45 feet (15 m).

The mini actuator comes with all the advantages of its larger sibling.  All the elements (pump, cylinder and reservoir) of a hydraulic circuit come together in one compact unit.  Supplied with a quick release mounting and tiller bolt and integral relief valves, the unit is also rated to IP67, EMC to BS EN 60945 and Ignition protection to BS EN 28846.  This makes the new 200 mm stroke linear actuator a perfect and safe choice for autopilot steering in recreational craft.

For full details email or telephone +44 (0) 1626 863634 and select option 1 for sales.

For higher maximum operating thrust requirements (up to 6900N).  Please see our larger linear actuators which are available in 12v and 24v options with 1 or 2 litre pumps.


Hose Reel Valves

We have become well known for our bespoke, custom built control valves but we also manufacture ranges of specially designed valves for specific applications. Our hose reel valves, used in everything from airport fuel tankers to liquid food bulk carriers are particularly popular.

Manufactured to the highest standards, these valves has been specifically designed to operate hose and cable reels. The feature pressure compensated, knob operated speed control with integral relief valve. This is linked to a lever operated spool valve with 4 positions. The desired speed is selected using the speed control knob, then the direction of rotation is selected using the spring centred lever. The lever can also be detented into a fourth position which allows the reel to ‘free wheel’ enabling the hose to be pulled off by hand. In the neutral position the reel is locked hydraulically.

These G3/8 compact valves offer excellent metering, smooth speed adjustment from stop to maximum, an adjustable piloted relief valve and four operating lever position options….all in one robust, economical valve.

Please visit our website for further details and full specification.

New Integrated Pump & Reservoir

We are now proud to launch our new Hy-ProDrive integrated pump and reservoir.  This combined unit has been designed for autopilot steering in the marine market, where hydraulic systems need to continue to function in rough conditions.  Complete ‘Knock Downs’ (where a boat can finish up on its side and even under water) are particularly common in sailing yachts and the new sealed reservoir allows any attitude of mounting and movement with zero spillage.

The new combined pump and reservoir, ‘PR+RU’, can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders and does away with the need for extra hoses to reservoirs and ancillary unloading valves. Incorporating the same integral reservoir and unloader valve already proven in the ML+40 range of integrated actuators, the result is a cost-effective compact solution, particularly for hydraulic secondary steering systems.

The unloader valve is only energized when steering in autopilot mode. When steering manually it allows the steering fluid to flow freely around the hydraulic circuit with the minimum of back drive on the helm. The two service ports are mounted on the front of the pump and there is a further optional reservoir port on the top face accessed via a removable plug. This port also facilitates the simple filling and bleeding operation.

This permanent magnet DC motor driven precision gear pump is available as 12v or  24v in a range of flows from 600 cc to 2500 cc. Each pump is fitted with zero-leakage pilot check valves for positive locking of attached cylinders. The motors are maintenance-free, IP67 and have internal brushes giving typically 4000+ hours life. The front and rear bearings are sealed ball races for smooth and quiet operation. The pumps are sealed on the driven gear journal allowing the motors to be removed and replaced without air entering or oil loss from the hydraulic circuit.

For further information, please give our Sales team a call on +44 (0) 1626 863634.

Our complete Hy-ProDrive range can be seen on our website


New G3/4 Pilot Operated Relief Valve

Having listened to our customers, our new G3/4 Pilot Operated Relief Valve has been re-designed to incorporate a safer, leak free, easily adjustable mechanism.  An all new external adjuster and lock nut gives zero-leakage and prevents loss of components whilst adjusting.

The new RV has an adjustment range of 25 to 250 bar and there is
also an optional tamper evident cover.  The cartridge will be standard in our V3-100 spool valve range from late July 2016 and will also be incorporated into our range of G3/4 line mounted manifolds.  On a technical note, please be assured this cartridge is fully interchangeable with our previous relief valve cartridge.

It is available as a cartridge to fit a standard Hy-Pro cavity or in a range of single and twin cartridge manifolds. The twin cartridge, 4 ported manifold is commonly used to prevent shock loads in hydraulic motors and equal ended cylinders.

Visit our website for further information

Custom Hydraulic Control Valve

When we heard from our shop floor that we needed two people to move a custom hydraulic control valve, we had to investigate.  The V4-40 G3/8 range being a relatively compact design, weight is not usually a problem on that particular assembly line.  Taking over 2 hours to assemble and test, another issue was the lack of colour choices for knobs!

This custom hydraulic control valve, bespoke for our distributor Doedijns in Holland, is a 13 section manual valve, strengthened in the middle with a special mid-mounting section to cope with the prospect of attaching nearly 30 pulsing hoses!  The valve weighs around 35 kg and is almost 2 ft (565 mm) long, requiring specially manufactured studs to hold it together.  All the slices feature spring detent location with stainless steel handles and black anodized lever housings for maximum environmental protection.  The valve is completed with a top ported relief valve end cover and outlet cover and painted for maximum protection.  We always mount larger valves on plywood boards for protection in transit and this was no exception!

Being modular, our custom hydraulic control valves can vary in size enormously, especially with the addition of intersections and electric control options. Weight is more often a problem with our largest V3-100 G3/4 slice valve range and luckily we do have the necessary lifting equipment!

Our full ranges of slice valves can be found:

Our distributor in Holland and other distributors can be found:




The Fluid Power Show at the NEC was celebrated in style by our Hy-Pro team this April.  The last day at the show was also our 50th Birthday and Hy-Pro shareholders, directors and staff drank champagne to mark the occasion.  The toast to our next 50 years was also joined by Andrew Jell, one of the show organisers.  We would like to thank Andrew, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine, Provision Photography and Witherspoons (who lent us champagne glasses) for helping to make the day special.

Once again, the Fluid Power Show was a great success for us and enabled us to showcase our latest products.  Our new radio remote system was an important feature of the display and, paired with our V5-60 sectional solenoid valve, it proved to be a popular diversion for visitors.  Also displayed were our new range of relief valves and our brand new pump with integral oil reservoir.  Our growing list of UK distributors was a key point of interest on the stand.

The Hy-Pro sales contingent (Alan, James and Richard) was boosted on our Birthday by our Quality and Design Departments (headed by Rob and Magnus) and a great day was had by all.  We plan to treat all our staff and their guests to an evening out at the Newton Abbot Races in May for our ‘Official Birthday Party’.

See the new Hy-Pro radio remote and relief valves