New 60 l/min Direct Acting Relief Valve Cartridge

We have listened to our customers and included all the best features into our new range of compact relief valve cartridges.  The new 60 l/min Direct Acting Relief Valve Cartridge, which is adjustable from 25 to 250 bar, uses a new external adjuster and lock nut.  This can be fitted with an optional tamper evident cover.

The new cartridge will be incorporated as standard into our V4-40 and V5-60 spool valve range in January 2016 and will be available in a range of G1/2 line mounted manifolds, including a dual line, twin cartridge option, preventing shock loads in hydraulic motors etc.

We plan to extend the range to include  60 l/min and 100 l/min pilot operated versions with hand wheel options early in 2016.

Our new cartridges will use the same cavity as the current ones and will be available as a retro-fit to the current Hy-Pro V5-60 spool valve range. Information is available from and you can talk to our sales team on 01626 863634 .  The website will be updated shortly.

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3D Models For OEM Designers

OEM designers can now try the Hy-Pro and Hy-ProDrive ranges for size before they buy.

Using solid modelling techniques,  we can supply industry standard files for incorporation into application 3D models. The bespoke valve or pump model can then facilitate the design of the mounting and housings, saving unnecessary extra design time.  Particular configurations of the extensive Hy-Pro range can be supplied as a single model and computer generated, photograph-like images are a useful by-product.

Our sales team at Hydraulic Projects now view the supply of a solid model as part of the quotation and specification process.  There’s no point in the customer’s design team reinventing the wheel when we can supply the model and we know shape, size and fit are important for our customers.

We have always specialised in specifying exactly the right valve for OEM customers.  This has often meant designing and manufacturing bespoke components for specialist applications.  Our experienced technical sales team can often reduce the number of separate components and the overall cost of the application.  This is particularly important for small to medium OEMs who do not have their own hydraulic expertise.

Call the sales team on 01626 863634, option 1 or email for a quote and a bespoke solid model.  See our website for details of our products.

Designing for Efficiency – Solenoid valve

With a constant eye on the future and with environmental considerations in mind the Hy-Pro design team have been busy focusing on the three popular valve ranges.  The tried and trusted solenoid valves can be a cost effective and robust solution.

Any restrictions in the flow passages of hydraulic systems create a back-pressure which makes pumps and in turn their driving engines work harder.

All the time the PTO is engaged and the valve is in neutral it is burning fuel to circulate oil at pressure through the hydraulic system. Reduce that pressure and you save fuel – simple!

At the heart of the widely regarded V5-60E and V3-100E solenoid operated section valves is the pilot pressurising cartridge. This compact device provides a small pilot pressure to activate the main spools. With help from the latest 3D CAD technolgy the highly skilled design team have reduced the pilot pressure by an incredible 40%. This equates to less power, less heat generation and less money spent on fuel!

For more information, please call:

Alan Wilson, Hydraulic Projects Ltd, Dawlish Business Park, Exeter Road, Dawlish,Devon EX7 0NH

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