hydraulic control valves

Key Advantages of Using Hy-Pro’s Hydraulic Control Valves

Hy-Pro have been designing and manufacturing hydraulic control valves for fifty plus years after recognising the need for arobust, compact and economic solution for use across varied industry sectors…agriculture, forestry, marine, vehicle recovery trucks etc. Control valves form and essential part of a fluid power hydraulic system.

An hydraulic system is a method of transmitting power by pushing hydraulic fluid, generally mineral oil, round a circuit. The complete system comprises of a prime mover to drive the pump generating the flow. This could be an electric motor, petrol or diesel engine, air motor or a hand pump. A tank, filters, pipework and control valves completer the circuit along with the actuators which convert the power into either rotary or linear motion.

The advantages of fluid power transmission are –

  • Power density – large amounts of power can be produced from comparatively small actuators.
  • Safety in hazardous environments – hydraulic systems have a no electric shock risk, minimum heat build-up and are pollution free.
  • Instant reversing – because hydraulic fluid is incompressible actuators respond instantly to input command
  • Simple, rugged, serviceable – most components can be stripped, repaired and rebuilt quickly and easily.
  • Long distance transmission – hydraulic hoses can go round tight corners and run long distances without affecting the control.
  • Efficient – a well-designed system can have an total efficiency of over 92%. We are very conscious of the importance of this and ensure our valve designs are as efficient as possible.

Hy-Pro specialize in the control valve part of the circuit which  regulate direction, speed, acceleration, deceleration, thrust, hold, torque and sequencing of multiple actuators. Simple hand levers to complex electronic proportional controls achieve this.

At Hy-Pro we take pride in our control valve products. Providing motion control solutions is our strength. And if a customer needs to return a product to us, we ensure that it is serviced with a quick turnaround and should you ever need to modify a control valve this can also be done with ease at Hy-Pro.

To summarise, Hy-Pro specialise in the control part of the hydraulic system. The design of our valves allows very flexible and adaptable circuits to be built up in one assembly, and with a range of ancillary components very complex applications can be satisfied. The sectional design allows additions or modifications to a valve assembly to be carried out on site easily. Mixing and matching of different controls in one assembly further expands the range of applications. With a range of three valve sizes, flow rates of up to 100 L/min and pressures of 250 bar can be controlled.