Custom Hy-Pro Valve

Custom Hydraulic Control Valve

When we heard from our shop floor that we needed two people to move a custom hydraulic control valve, we had to investigate.  The V4-40 G3/8 range being a relatively compact design, weight is not usually a problem on that particular assembly line.  Taking over 2 hours to assemble and test, another issue was the lack of colour choices for knobs!

This custom hydraulic control valve, bespoke for our distributor Doedijns in Holland, is a 13 section manual valve, strengthened in the middle with a special mid-mounting section to cope with the prospect of attaching nearly 30 pulsing hoses!  The valve weighs around 35 kg and is almost 2 ft (565 mm) long, requiring specially manufactured studs to hold it together.  All the slices feature spring detent location with stainless steel handles and black anodized lever housings for maximum environmental protection.  The valve is completed with a top ported relief valve end cover and outlet cover and painted for maximum protection.  We always mount larger valves on plywood boards for protection in transit and this was no exception!

Being modular, our custom hydraulic control valves can vary in size enormously, especially with the addition of intersections and electric control options. Weight is more often a problem with our largest V3-100 G3/4 slice valve range and luckily we do have the necessary lifting equipment!

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