Hy-ProDrive Reg Trade Mark

Autopilot Pump UK Online Distributor

Regular visitors to our website will have noticed that we are now pointing end user customers to our new online autopilot pump distributor.  The Service Centre shop on Ebay now features our Hy-ProDrive gear pumps, actuators, hydraulic steering systems and spares for all of them.

As a manufacturer, we have decided to concentrate on our production processes, quality and supporting our OEM customers and distributors.  As our list of distributors grows, we feel a better service can be offered to end users through experienced local outlets who stock and understand our products.  A full list of our distributors can be found on our Website for both marine steering products and hydraulic control valves.  We also feature full technical manuals for all of our products and other useful tools such as the pump selection guide.  This guide allows customers to choose the right pump based on cylinder size and ‘hard over’ time.