jeanne socrates solo sail

World Record Holder Jeanne Socrates Is About To Begin Her Solo Trip Around The World Using Hypro Hydraulics

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jeanne* Since the publication of this article it has been brought to our attention that Jeanne has sadly had to postpone her voyage due to a serious injury, she is now recovering in hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she will be able to continue her mission at some point in the near future.*

World record holder Jeanne Socrates is busy preparing for what she hopes to be her second sail nonstop and unassisted around the world in her boat Nereida. Jeanne became the oldest woman to successfully sail around the world nonstop on Monday 8th July 2013 and has since attempted to become the oldest person. After coming across various problems with her boat in 2016 when she gave two solo attempts, Jeanne has spent the last few months fixing problems with the boat and getting new parts fitted and created to ensure that 2017 is her year. Now aged 75 Jeanne is ready for the challenge and is looking forward to becoming the oldest person to sail nonstop unassisted (what an achievement)!

Hypro are delighted to announce that we have been helping Jeanne in her preparations for what is expected to be a 7-8month long journey!

Jeanne is using our HS+50 hydraulic steering system which was originally supplied to her through Raymarine as part of the autopilot package. At Hypro we manufacture the hydraulic components of the package. The HS+50 hydraulic steering system would have been chosen to suit The Nereida’s length, displacement, rudder type and shape of the keel etc.  90% of our components are built in house with the use of our own machine shop equipped with the latest CNC machining centers backed with state-of-the art co-ordinate measuring machines.

Jeanne has two drives attached to her boat, one being a back up incase any problems were to occur with the first on her lengthy mission.  The HS+50 hydraulic steering systems are designed specifically for marine secondary steering applications. They come fitted with our PR+25 reversing pumps giving thrusts of up to 1080KG. A solenoid clutch is fitted that when disengaged enables mechanical steering to be used.

Jeanne will be using the autopilot steering when sailing inshore veering in and out of islands and will programme the route prior to departure. However, when offshore Jeanne has hopes of using wind steering to navigate and will rely on the autopilot if she were to get into any difficulty.

All of the team at Hypro would like to wish Jeanne good luck for her upcoming journey and wish her the best success at becoming the oldest person (aged 75) to sail around the world non stop on a solo voyage.

If you would like to keep up to date with Jeanne during her time at sea you can find her latest updates on her website here.

jeanne socrates solo sail