British Hydraulic Valves And Autopilot Pumps In Demand!

Here at Hy-pro, we were concerned when the British nation voted to leave Europe.  We worried about years of instability, uncertainty and the imposition of tariffs.  Whilst these fears are not unwarranted, there is a silver lining in the shape of exchange rates for British manufacturers.

We design, manufacture, assemble and stock all our products here in South Devon, England.  This means that our products are now up to 10% cheaper than equivalent goods manufactured in the rest of the world.  Our presence in the UK has always been a benefit to our UK customers because we are close at hand to help technically.  The added price advantages are now the icing on the cake.

We are currently seeing increases in sales directly related to exchange rates both here and overseas.  Our UK OEM customers are likewise seeing the benefits of a low pound on their own order books.  Meanwhile, overseas OEMs can also take advantage of cost reductions in their supply chain by buying British.

The sensible exchange rate which now prevails will hopefully stimulate the emergence of more UK manufacturers in other sectors, creating British jobs and ensuring our independence in the World.

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