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Hypro Premises Expansion

We have some exciting news – we’re expanding our premises!

We are moving 3 vertical machining centres and some smaller ancillary machines into a building directly next door to our current premises.

There is now space within the original Hypro unit to install new machines which we’re in the process of completing, and the relocation allows space to be created for additional layout changes involving valve assembly operation and warehouse facilities.

The new building will also house two new programming offices and additional storage space.

The move now gives us space for our brand new YCM 5-Axis CNC type NFX 380A milling machine which is fed by an EROWA Leonardo 54 pallet robotic loader.  We are expecting this in March.

Highly complex parts will now be machined in one operation thanks to this equipment and we will have the flexibility to manufacture smaller batches of individual components economically.

The robot loader will allow for greater efficiency; the machine can be operated at night, even when there is nobody on-site. Once the EROWA is loaded it will automatically feed the YCM, and the 5-Axis mill will carry on running effectively in a “lights-out” mode.

The installation of this new machine is set to vastly improve our milling process.

Multiaxis machining involves tools that move in 4 or more directions and promotes the cutting of more complex shapes via water jet cutting or laser cutting.

This means that the results can be complex shapes that traditional mills simply wouldn’t be able to achieve. It gives us the ability to design shapes that could not otherwise be achieved in an efficient way.

The need for additional space and the investment in the new machinery is a natural progression for Hypro and is a response to the growth in sales that the company has generated.

We look forward to this growth continuing and we are pleased to be able to respond to this increasing demand in future thanks to the additional capacities of the new facilities and equipment.

The existing Hypro site is now being used to its maximum potential and we expect more efficient and cost-effective production of components from the expansion onwards.

The expansion has enabled a much-needed reorganisation of existing assets and the ability to plan future growth requirements.

The growth affects both us (it will enable us to increase our milling capacity by up to 60% by the end of this year) and our distributors, as several of our customers have told us they are expecting substantial increases in their orders this year.