With the dawn of September and increased demand from our customers, the last of our furloughed staff will return to work.  This is an exciting moment after a very uncertain time.  We do live in a changed world and we are maintaining social distancing across the site.  Some staff are still working from home but they are all contactable in the usual way.

Whilst quiet, we have taken the opportunity to improve our systems, our organisation and plan for a more automated and efficient factory.  We are about to launch a new shop floor data collection system, which will enable us to track components as they pass through machining and final assembly.  We are also talking to consultants about the introduction of robots into our machine shop in order to increase lights-out production for a planned doubling in production over the next 5 years.  Last but not least, we will be introducing a brand new website in the next couple of weeks.

The design and technical department have also been busy and we have introduced a new 5 position spool section and a 4 position regenerative spool section into our V5-60 and V4-40 ranges.  On the marine side, we have developed a brand new PR+05 pump for marine autopilot systems for smaller craft.  These are all available now – please contact sales on 01626 863634 or

Please note that lead times are at least 5 days for small orders and at least four weeks for larger production orders.  Whilst we will try to help out in emergencies, it is important that our OEM customers plan for their production and place orders in good time.

In other news, we need to let everyone know that there have been changes in our Sales team.  Sadly Samuel has left Hy-Pro (we wish him every success) and Richard is now heading up another department and a replacement is being sought.

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Wishing all of our customers a speedy recovery.


Managing Director