Hy-Pro to Replace Imported Monoblock with British Slice Valve

If you have read our previous blogs, you will know that increasingly manufacturing is returning to the UK. This is great for the UK industry as well as the consumers of the high-quality goods.

We are pleased to announce that Hy-Pro will be replacing the previously imported monoblock range with our very own British designed and manufactured slice valves.

This will offer quality improvements, technical advantages and most importantly reliable deliveries. We are always striving to offer our customers the best products and service in this market, and we hope that this will only improve our business.

Over the past 6 months, we have been experiencing problems with the regular supply of imported monoblock valves that we need.  This is believed to have been a problem for many other companies as there appears to be a world shortage.

There are still a limited number of monoblock valves available for delivery, but we will not be replenishing this stock due to the upcoming replacement.

If you are interested in the new valve we will be stocking, please call for a quotation. This will be an equivalent British sectional valve from our V4-40 (40 l) and our V5-60 (60 l) ranges.

These valves are designed and manufactured by Hy-Pro, here in the UK. Currently, there is a 4 week lead time on this product.

Our valves are made with match honed spools and include built-in load check valves. They also come with a huge range of ancillary options and include manual, electrical, cable and pneumatic control.

See our website for details on our new product, or for more information or a quote about this new UK valve, get in touch!