Compact ML+40 Linear Actuator

New Compact Linear Actuator From Hy-ProDrive

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the Hy-ProDrive marine steering range – the new compact linear actuator!

This new compact unit is designed for smaller or lighter yachts with space restrictions and the lower thrust requirements.  Our new actuator at full extension, is only 890 mm.  That’s half a metre shorter than its bigger brother.  Giving 5000 N of thrust with its 1.5 litre pump and 50w motor, the new mini actuator is still powerful for its size but typically only draws 14 amps.  This is good news for the all-important batteries and brings down the cost of a course computer for the average yachtsman.  Depending on vessel weight, sail plan and rudder forces the new actuator is suitable for sailing yachts of up to 45 feet (15 m).

The mini actuator comes with all the advantages of its larger sibling.  All the elements (pump, cylinder and reservoir) of a hydraulic circuit come together in one compact unit.  Supplied with a quick release mounting and tiller bolt and integral relief valves, the unit is also rated to IP67, EMC to BS EN 60945 and Ignition protection to BS EN 28846.  This makes the new 200 mm stroke linear actuator a perfect and safe choice for autopilot steering in recreational craft.

For full details email or telephone +44 (0) 1626 863634 and select option 1 for sales.

For higher maximum operating thrust requirements (up to 6900N).  Please see our larger linear actuators which are available in 12v and 24v options with 1 or 2 litre pumps.