New Integrated Pump & Reservoir

We are now proud to launch our new Hy-ProDrive integrated pump and reservoir.  This combined unit has been designed for autopilot steering in the marine market, where hydraulic systems need to continue to function in rough conditions.  Complete ‘Knock Downs’ (where a boat can finish up on its side and even under water) are particularly common in sailing yachts and the new sealed reservoir allows any attitude of mounting and movement with zero spillage.

The new combined pump and reservoir, ‘PR+RU’, can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders and does away with the need for extra hoses to reservoirs and ancillary unloading valves. Incorporating the same integral reservoir and unloader valve already proven in the ML+40 range of integrated actuators, the result is a cost-effective compact solution, particularly for hydraulic secondary steering systems.

The unloader valve is only energized when steering in autopilot mode. When steering manually it allows the steering fluid to flow freely around the hydraulic circuit with the minimum of back drive on the helm. The two service ports are mounted on the front of the pump and there is a further optional reservoir port on the top face accessed via a removable plug. This port also facilitates the simple filling and bleeding operation.

This permanent magnet DC motor driven precision gear pump is available as 12v or  24v in a range of flows from 600 cc to 2500 cc. Each pump is fitted with zero-leakage pilot check valves for positive locking of attached cylinders. The motors are maintenance-free, IP67 and have internal brushes giving typically 4000+ hours life. The front and rear bearings are sealed ball races for smooth and quiet operation. The pumps are sealed on the driven gear journal allowing the motors to be removed and replaced without air entering or oil loss from the hydraulic circuit.

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