Hy-Pro’s Valves Specifically Designed for Pumps, Winches and Hose Reels

Here at Hy-Pro we design and manufacture valves specifically for Pumps, Winches and Hose Reels. The valves provide the products with the same basic element of a control system, for the on/off, in/out, and/or float functions together with a speed control.

We use these valves in a multitude of our products, including: The HRV, V4-40, V5-60 and V3-100 sectional control valves. The HRV was actually designed to meet one customers needs, but turned out to be a universal product for all our customers. Similarly, many of our Hose Reel products have specifications to meet an individual customer’s needs, but the majority of the product stays the same for all customers. A specialist feature for example would be a special metering needle which prevents the pump from being run too fast.

Hy-Pro has provided valves to between 800 and 1000 Hose Reels and Winches over the past year, supplying our products to a dozen of the largest OEM and many other smaller companies.

Many customers benefit from our HRV because it has the smallest and most used valve, which means the product is very compact. Also, Hy-Pro have the ability to “marinise” our valves for the harsh environments they are exposed in the marine and the road transportation industry.

Designing valves such as the ones for these products is one of our specialities here at Hy-Pro, customising a basic valve to meet a customer’s requirement is ultimately what we’re good at. However, one thing we had never had to do before was fitting one of these valves into an extremely tight space, it’s lucky that we are always excited by a challenge. We designed a special combined inlet cover with the speed control built in to make the assembly even more compact. This solved this dilemma and the customer was very happy with this result.

Ultimately this new and more compact valve has proven very popular, and is now manufactured for use by Hy-Pro customers all over the world.