V4-40 G3/8 Sectional Spool Valve 40 lpm


A low profile sectional spool valve with lever, solenoid, cable or pnuematic operation and suitable for open or closed- centre circuits. The range has spool options for 2, 3 & 4 position valves, all with excellent metering characteristics and with fine metering spools also available. Direct acting or pilot operated main relief valves can be incorporated into the inlet cover.   There is an extensive range of lever options, inter-sections, solenoid sections and ancillaries available. 

The V4-40 G3/8 sectional spool valve replaces our V1-40 range. It has been developed from the popular V5-60 taking advantage of that valves extensive range of spools, levers, ancillary, intersection and options. It offers a 40 lpm, 250 bar rating and has cast iron end covers and a fully enclosed lever mechanism providing excellent environmental protection.

Solenoid slices can be inter-mixed with the manual sections to further increase the control options.  Pnuematic control options are also available.

• G3/8 (BSP) ports

• 40 lpm

• 250 Bar

• Fully enclosed spool

• Excellent metering

• Integral load hold check

• Suitable for open or closed centre circuits

• Marine protection option

• Large range of ancillaries and options

• Manual, solenoid, cable & pnuematic control options

Rated flow: 40 l/min 
Port size: G3/8 
Max. pressure service port: 250 bar 
Max. pressure inlet port: 250 bar 
Max. back pressure outlet port: 25 bar 

Temperature rating minimum: -20°c 
Temperature rating maximum :+65°c 

Spool leakage at 210 bar @ 20°c: <6cc/min 
Spool leakage 4 position: <8cc/min 

Lower leakage rates are available depending on application - contact HyPro technical sales for further information

Recommended Oil : Mineral based hydraulic ISO VG37 
Filtration (minimum): 25 micron

Sectional Valve Manual (DM_0001_05_Sectional_valve_manual.pdf, 4,046 Kb) [Download]

Hy-Pro Valve Catalogue (Hy-Pro_Valve_Catalogue.pdf, 3,790 Kb) [Download]

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