ML+40-8 compact marine autopilot Electro Hydraulic Linear Actuator

The ML+40-8 at full extension is only 840mm long allowing it to be mounted in tighter confines than the
standard ML+40. It combines our 1.5 L/min pump and 50w motor which develops up to 350kg of thrust whilst typically drawing
only 14 amps. This allows it to be used with smaller course computers making this an economical solution for the smaller vessel.Depending on vessel weight, sail plan and rudder forces the new actuator is suitable for sailing yachts of up to 45 feet (15 m).

The compact actuator comes with all the advantages of its larger stable-mate the ML+40. All the elements (pump, cylinder and reservoir) of a hydraulic circuit come together in one compact unit. It also contains integral relief valves to protect from rudder strikes etc. and anti-cavitation valves as standard.

It comes supplied with a special quick release mounting and M12 tiller bolt along with all the necessary
fasteners and fixings. 

The ML+40-8 has an environmental protection rating
of IP67 and conforms to BS EN 60945 for EMC and
BS EN 28846 for ignition protection.


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Voltage 12 VDC 
Current                                             Typical Amp-hour             Typical Current                   H.O time seconds            
                                                            60kg at 25% duty            Intermittent 350kg                  (no load)
                                                               1.3A                                       14.0A                                      12 

Ingress protection: IP67

EMC Protection S EN 60945:2002 (DC) 

Ignition Protection BS EN 28846:1993

EN ISO 10592:1995 (Small Craft - Hydraulic Steering Systems) 

Ambient operating Temperature: -15 to + 55 deg C

Max Operating Thrust: 350kg (Intermittent)

Orientation: Red lead to positive - Extends 

                      Black lead to positive - Retracts 

Clutch coil 12 watt 

Clutch connection: DIN 43650 (6-8 mm cable) 

Fluid: ISO VG10 to VG40 hydraulic mineral fluid to ISO 6743-4 HV 

Weight: 8 kg 

ML+40-8 manual (R4209m25_-_ML_40-8_MANUAL.pdf, 1,058 Kb) [Download]

ML+40-8 data sheet (ML_40d8_2.pdf, 159 Kb) [Download]

HB0003_07_Marine_Catalogue (HB0003_07_Marine_Catalogue_Nov_2017.pdf, 7,111 Kb) [Download]

Declaration of Conformity (Hypro_Declaration_of_Conformity.pdf, 239 Kb) [Download]

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