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Marine Technical Information

An archive of miscellaneous manuals and data sheets. If there is anything you require that is not here please contact us.

Autopilot Reversing Drive Selection

A basic guide to aid selection of a PR+ reversing pump for your vessel. Always refer to the autopilot manufacturers documentation to ensure that the chosen pump is compatible.

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PR Reversing Pump Manual


Handbook for the PR reversing pumps, now superceeded by the PR+.

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ML40 Manual


Handbook for the ML40 actuator now superceeded by the ML40+.

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ML40 Bleeding Instructions

Instructions on how to fill and bleed the ML40 actuator. Special tooling required.

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ML40+ Manual


Handbook for the ML40+ (mk1) actuator now superceeded by the ML+40

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ML40+ and ML+40 Adaptor Plate


When fitting an ML40+/ML+40 in place of an earlier ML40S non-adjustable type either the mountings will have to be remade or an adaptor plate used.

The R4065 adaptor plate enables the existing mounting to be used by placing the ML40Plus further back. This maintains the relative rod-end position.

The plate is either available from ourselves or an engineering drawing can be obtained from the link below for those wishing to fabricate themselves.

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HS Steering System Bleeding Instructions


Instructions on how to fill and bleed the HS40 & HS50 Steering Systems.

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