Pumps For Submarines

Low Power Reversing Pumps For Submarines

Msubs Ltd, Plymouth manufacturers of sub-sea craft, were seeking a low cost, low weight and low power solution for their unmanned submarines. This remote-controlled vessel is used by navy’s around the world for sonar-detected target practise!
Mobile Undersea Systems Test Laboratory (MUST) is a large scale unmanned underwater vehicle built by Lockheed Martin in the 1980s to conduct scientific research underwater. The vessel operated for a few years before being decommissioned and left in a ‘boneyard’, where it remained until recently. In 2012 MSubs performed a rapid refit of the vessel, replacing the entire electrical system and restoring the hull and exterior systems in a 3 month period. Once complete, MUST underwent sea trials from Plymouth Sound, followed by her first commercial operation. The designers at Msubs were keen to find an economic alternative to the existing expensive and sophisticated hydraulic power unit and valves operating the rudder, bow plains and venting valves. The 12V 100w DC PR+ reversing pump from the new Hy-Pro Drive range offered the ideal solution.
Three Hy-ProDrive PR+ pumps were supplied, achieving significant cost and weight savings. The pumps reverse the actuating cylinder without the need for additional valves and the integral pilot operated check valves lock the cylinder when the motor stops. The pumps are driven from a 12v battery and produce 55 bar maximum pressure. They are also rated to IP67 and boast very quiet operation.  Perfect for small unmanned submarines!