New 5 Axis Milling Machine at Hypro

Hypro is pleased to announce a new addition to our premises – a brand new, 5 axis milling machine.

This machine is a CNC milling machine which includes two rotational A and B axes as well as the standard X, Y and Z axes seen in most conventional machines. This allows the machine to move multi-directionally in the 5 axes and the cutting tool can then approach the work piece from any direction or angle.

This helps to improve the accuracy and accessibility of the cut and means that we can optimise the manifold designs to suit the machine’s capability.  For example, we can now reduce the number of drillings which require sealing on assembly. This will not only increase efficiency but also give a more robust design.

The machine also has 54 pallets which carry the components through the machining process from start to finish which decreases machine down time for loading and unloading.

This is set to result in huge improvements here at Hypro – we use a lot of manifolds in our hydraulic control valve and marine steering ranges, and we’re now able to machine our more complicated manifolds on this new 5 axis machine with minimum set up and run time in comparison to the conventional machines, which often require multiple setups and fixturing.

The addition of this new machine will free up other machining centres where we can produce less complicated parts, reducing the overall cost of the completed component.

The new machine can also run 24/7. It can be run at speeds which will decrease tool wear and the risk of breakage – as the design is optimised, we have no need to compromise via speed. This makes the whole machining process more reliable and dependable, which is crucial for ‘lights out’ running when automation makes up most of the machining process.

Along with the reduction of component and running costs, the 5 axis will work alongside our existing machines providing us with an increased ability to produce both current products more efficiently and to meet the challenges of new designs.

It will allow us to always be competitive, to maintain our position in the industry and offer our customers the best quality at excellent prices.

We pride ourselves on our in-house design and manufacture. It ensures greater technical expertise for our customers but also allows us to design products with flexibility and economy.

Hy-Pro has been growing year on year and the purchase of machines like the 5-axis and our Okuma milling center are factored in to meet growing demand and allow us to continue machining in-house as much as possible.

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