Our Brushless Constant Running Pump

Hy-Pro has recently developed a ‘brushless constant running pump’ that is compatible with large yachts and other commercial craft.

The specialist pump offers a more reliable alternative, requiring less maintenance and offering increased performance. Read on to find out more information about why this pump could be much more beneficial compared to some of the other models out there.

What is a Brushless Constant Running Pump?

The brushless DC motor was designed by Hy-Pro specifically for marine autopilot applications, particularly in the large commercial boat market.

It is used for marine applications such as Trawlers and other commercial craft as well as some larger yachts, and is used to power the hydraulic steering system when the autopilot is in use.

A brushless motor means there is very little ongoing maintenance needed, as the pump is brushless the motor is controlled electronically. This gives us new options for performance moving forward.

The heavy vessels within ordinary hydraulic pumps require a lot of power to steer the vehicles. However, the new and innovative design of the Brushless Constant Running Pump goes against this rule. Instead of using a large DC motor, this pump runs continuously in one direction whilst a solenoid switches the hydraulic flow port and starboard – this saves the crew members having to manually steer the vessel.

For example, fishing boats can be at sea for many hours and the autopilot can be set to run a course or a pattern, this will allow the full crew to be on deck and working on other tasks.

How Does the Pump Work?

The hard-over time is set via the speed control and the steering action is achieved by switching a damped heavy duty double-acting solenoid valve.

The motor and precision gear pump is protected by a pre-set relief valve and check valves with toughened components, these positively lock the steering on course.

The pump has been developed for compatibility with both single and twin ram systems within the boat’s hydraulic steering. The specialist design is also suitable for unbalanced rams.

A ram, sometimes known as a steering cylinder is a critical part within the hydraulic steering system. Choosing the right ram is important to ensure the boat’s steering operates correctly and efficiently.

The brushless pump has also been designed to work alongside pressurised reservoir systems. This component holds the hydraulic fluid in a convenient part of the system and sustains any excess fluid needed.

What is the Pump Made?

Our pump has been integrated with flow output options and a compact construction. This aids in the pump’s durability and longer life span for functioning the steering of marine applications.

Our product has been made from aluminium and a large amount of copper, giving it good bearing properties and also a protective coating for harsh marine environments.

What are the Benefits?

The design consists of built-in overload protection and requires zero maintenance from the user.

In comparison to other models, the brushless motor has a much lower power consumption making it highly efficient. With 12V and 14V options available, this motor is an extremely heavy-duty alternative to others on the market.

This design could potentially replace the PC30 and PC45 in the future due to its convenience working alongside many other components and its futuristic design.

The integral speed control and relief valve also benefits its performance and contributes to a quieter operation.

This pump could be available as early as next year, so make sure you stay tuned for more updates on this pump.

If you’d like to find out more information about our brushless pump you can get in touch with us at Hy-Pro and we’d be happy to help!