Hy-Pro’s Hydraulic Pumps for Ramlift Pro

While a lot of our pumps and valves find application in the marine industry, we create products for a vast range of other areas including the auto industry. RamLiftPro is a range of hydraulic pump devices designed for cars that are low to the ground, allowing the car to be raised so the front bumper does not scrape on speed bumps or sloped driveways. The driver can control this with a simple switch in their car, which raises the vehicle to a selected height.

Here at Hy-Pro we designed and supply the PR+20 12 RX/X 2.0 L/min hydraulic reversing pump with integral relief valves for this product. RamLiftPro were already using a similar product but came to us to see if this idea could be improved on, and we’ve now been working with RamLiftPro since 2010.

For the application of this product we recommended the use of relief valves, these limit the output and protect the electrical and hydraulic systems. The whole product uses small hydraulic cylinders built into the cars suspension which raise the height of the car. When these cylinders reach the end of their stroke they can reach a high pressure and stall the pump. The relief valves help produce a much smoother operation and there is no need for current limitation or specific fuses.

The PR+ pump was solely designed using the Solidworks 3d Modelling Software – this is a piece of CAD software that reduces design errors and has lifelike visualisation, which was perfect for this application.

This design process was not completely simple, fitting two relief valve cartridges into one PR+ pump was going to be a challenge. For the design to work well and be effective we wanted to keep this pump as compact as possible for the vehicles. We found the perfect solution by using cartridges from elsewhere in our range, which did exactly what we needed but made a very economic use of the space available.

This product is perfect for people who love the look and lifestyle a sports car gives you but want the flexibility to drive down roads with speed-bumps, and not have to worry about scraping bumpers on sloped driveways. To get hold of this product or for a little bit more information on the product as a whole go to www.ramliftpro.com and you can see our PR+ pumps here: https://www.hypro.co.uk/products/hydraulic-pumps-and-steering/reversing-pumps/