Upcoming BFPA Conference on Fluid and Lubricant Contamination

The BFPA is holding a technical conference in Bath this September, and whilst we are not attending this conference, it may be of interest to some of our customers and partners.

This conference will focus on how important it is to minimise hydraulic fluid and lubricant contamination, as well as how recent developments may have changed our appreciation of what clean is.

Should I Attend?

This conference is targeted towards the end-users of products such as hydraulic products who want to maintain and clean their systems.

It is also targeted for professionals who are responsible for the maintenance, condition and cleaning of fluid and lubricant products. These could be for a wide range of applications.

Finally, this conference is perfect for the professionals in the field of Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids. If you fit one of these criteria than this conference will be perfect for you, but even if you have an interest in wanting to take care of your hydraulic system a little better, it could definitely be worth a visit.

There is a whole range of industries that this conference is applicable for, including:

  • Oil companies.
  • Additive manufacturers.
  • Car manufacturers.
  • Hydraulic equipment.
  • Filter manufacturers.

These are just a few of a large range of industries.

What Are the Key Things I’ll Take from This?

There is so much to learn and take from a conference like this one. The main topics covered in this conference will be:

  • Contaminant formation.
  • Varnish – This is an increasing problem in large applications.
  • Developments in the test methods for lubricant cleanliness and assessing fluid.
  • The changes to the classification of cleanliness.
  • The control of fluid cleanliness and contamination (by air, water and particulates).
  • Case studies of the problems associated with cleanliness and with contamination.

Key Information

It will be held on 10th – 11th September at Bath University. The first floor of the Chancellors Building in the Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control will be the conference’s home for the two days of exhibitions and information. There is a program of talks throughout the two days, and you’ll want to check this beforehand to ensure you get to hear everything you want as well as have time to walk around the stands.

In order to attend this event, you will need to buy a ticket; this also includes an evening dinner at Bailbrook House. You don’t need to be a BFPA member to attend, although there is a discount if you are. The pricing of these tickets along with venue information and event program, is available on the official website here: http://bfpatechnicalconference2018.co.uk